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Ptolemy’s Gate

Friday, August 4, 2006

Ptolemy’s Gate (2006) Jonathan Stroud

The final book of the Bartimaeus trilogy, in Ptolemy’s Gate Bartimaeus and Nathaniel discover the conspiracy that has been plotting to overthrow the government. We also discover what Kitty Jones has been doing since we last saw her. John Mandrake may have risen in the government, but Kitty has been struggling to keep things together.

We also (finally!) get to learn more about Ptolemy. The Egyptian boy whose form Bartimaeus often takes when maneuvering through the world. I’d learned enough bits and pieces over the past two books to become very curious, so I was delighted that we actually got to spend time with him, and learn about his past.

I’m going to say something that you’ll almost never hear me say–so feel free to gloat and laugh. I think that the Bartimaeus Trilogy would make a great series of movies.

The descriptions of the action and the transformations that Bartimaeus makes would be absolutely fantastic and amazing with good CGI.

As far as the story, without giving away anything, it was very good, and very gripping. However…

SPOILER (rot 13)
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Qba’g trg zr jebat, V’z tynq sbe gur snpg gung ur ghearq onpx sebz uvf cngu bs cbjre, ohg hayvxr Xvggl, V unq n uneq gvzr gehfgvat gur punatr. Cebonoyl orpnhfr bs Angunavry’f gerngzrag bs Onegvznrhf. Fher Angunavry fnirq uvf yvsr ol qvfzvffvat uvz jura ur jnf nyzbfg qrnq, ohg vg jnf Angunavry’f snhyg Onegvznrhf jnf gung jrnx va gur svefg cynpr.

Naljnl, V jnf qryvtugrq ol gur erarjny bs gur onagre orgjrra gur gjb, naq nf nyjnlf, jnf tynq gung Angunavry tbg gb erqrrz uvzfrys.

So, I enjoyed Ptolemy’s Gate and the rest of the Bartimaeus Trilogy. Although this is a Kid’s/Young Adult book, aside from the lack of curing and naughty bits, it neither felt nor read like a Kid’s book, and I definitely recommend it for children, as well as for adults who like fantasy.
Rating: 7/10

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