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Hugger Mugger, Audio Edition

Friday, February 2, 2018

Hugger Mugger (2000) Robert B Parker narrated by Joe Mantegna

Walter Clive has hired Spenser to come down to Georgia to see who has been shooting his horses. What Spenser finds makes no sense: there is no rhyme or reason to the shootings, and the in-house security has seen nothing. Two of the three daughters are a mess, and the two husbands are pieces of work in their own rights.

Then there is a murder Spenser is removed from the case.

There is almost a short story in here, of the case Spenser takes between working in Georgia, and I quite like the resolution, in that Spenser does what he feels is right rather than what he was necessarily hired to do.

Another thing I like about this story is that there isn’t a clean ending–the murderer gets away with it, essentially. That doesn’t happen very often in the Spenser books, but I do like that although everyone knows what has happened, there is no proof, and so no legal case can be made.

No ebook available, and since I listened to it, no quotes for this one.

Joe Mantegna is the narrator from here forward as best as I can tell. I don’t hate him, but I can’t say I love his narration either. I think Burt Reynolds did a better job, even though the digital copies of those books are terrible. So now I have to decide if I want to keep listening or go ahead and switch to reading the rest of the series.

We’ll have to see.
Rating: 7/10

Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio


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