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The Raven King

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Raven King (2016) Maggie Stiefvater

Believe it or not, I preordered this book and got it when it was published.

And then proceeded to not read it.

Why? Because I knew this was the last book in the series. Because we’d been told from the very start that Gansey was going to die. As long as I didn’t read the last book, the story didn’t end and no one was dead.

Blue is the daughter of a clairvoiant, and although she has not special talents, she magnifies the powers of those she is near.

(M)emory and clairvoyance, which are the same thing in two different directions.

Gansey died once on the Ley line, and has been searching since then for Glendower and the reason he survived.

Adam has escaped from his abusive father, and continues to work and attend school and do everything he can to escape Henrietta and a future that might turn him into his father.

Ronan is a dreamer who can create amazing things, but the loss of his father and his own confusion make him rude and obnoxious, as he alienates everyone but the four who manage to understand him despite himself.

Oddly enough, Ronan, who was my least favorite character in the first book, ended up being my favorite character by the end of this book.

Ronan, ferocious and loyal and fragile.

“I’m serious.” Now Gansey’s imagination had run ahead to imagine a future where Ronan might have to exist without him, without Declan, without Matthew, and with a freshly broken heart. “He’s not as tough as he seems.”

Ronan who uses hostility and rudeness to cover his fragility and fear that no one will accept him.

I also adore the addition of Henry, who is marvelous–yet just as fragile as the other four.

If you can’t be unafraid, Henry said, be afraid and happy.

This is a marvelous story, and I’m glad I finally finished it, and I love that they were off having adventures of their own.
Rating: 9/10

Publisher: Scholastic Press


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