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Rivers of London: Cry Fox

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rivers of London: Cry Fox (2017-2018) Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel, Lee Sullivan, Luis Guerrero, Steve White

I’ll be honest, I found this story a bit disappointing.

I like Abigail, and was glad that she was getting at least part of her own story, but mostly this just felt weak.

We had Abigail, and we had Peter, and we had Guleed, and we had Molly, but it was mostly just teeny bits of each. And there were bad guys, but the mother-son combo were ridiculous, and it was never quite clear why Reynard had a bone to pick with the Folly.

I mean, foxes are generally sly and tricky, but Reynard was just nasty. So none of the bad guys were particularly interesting.

And the second blonde girl that appeared was very confusing, since she seemed to appear out of nowhere, and looked too much like the other young girl that Abigail got involved with. I couldn’t figure out initially why the first girl was with Reynard and smoking a joint.

It felt initially like the story was supposed to forward Abigail’s story a bit, but mostly she came off as plucky and self-rescuing without actually developing anything. I suppose it’s possible that he just can’t write teen girls, and that’s fine, because they’re difficult. But on a joint project you’d think someone could have manged to make her interesting.

So, a disappointment.
Rating: 5/10

Publisher: Titan

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