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Spectred Isle

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Spectred Isle (2017) K.J. Charles

Set in London in 1923

Archaeologist Saul Lazenby was disgraced during the way, and the only work he has been able to find is working for a retired Major with an interest in finding historical places and items with supernatural significance. Saul believes none of this, but is glad for the job and acceptance he hasn’t gotten from anyone else.

Saul’s professional instincts were shaped by his doctorate in archaeology from Oxford and two years working on excavations in Mesopotamia. Major Peabody believed that if the ravens left the Tower of London, the city would fall.

Randolph Glyde is the last arcanist of his family line, everyone else having been killed during the war, including his fiancee. Whitehall is trying to pull him and his compatriots into the Shadow Ministry, where the government can control and regulate the use of people and objects of a mystical bent.

He’d nearly died for his country a great deal too often; if that country was as grateful as it claimed to be, it could demonstrate that by leaving him alone.

When Saul and Randolph keep coming across each other, both are suspicious, but Randolph isn’t sure how to ally Saul’s suspicious without being seen as a madman.

Lazenby’s brows drew together. He hesitated, a thought obviously dawning, and then spoke much more calmly. “Yes, very clear. I tell you what, old chap, though, why don’t I stay with you for now? Major Peabody will pop off just as you asked, won’t you, sir?”

“What?” said the Major.

“I think this gentleman’s having some bad memories,” Lazenby said, and turned his face away from Randolph to mouth something. “So I’ll stay with him while you find someone who might be able to help, do you see?”

I’m not certain that the story has quite as strong a post Great War feel as other stories I’ve read, but then much of the story was in and about the world beneath the world, so it’s hard to be certain.

Regardless, I very much liked this story, and if you don’t mind the M/M boinking, highly recommend it.

Publisher: KJC Books
Rating: 8/10

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