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Skin and Bone

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Skin and Bone (2019) TA Moore

Here’s the problem: I still don’t like Javi.

Half the time he didn’t like himself much. If he had a pet, he wouldn’t want it to be intelligent enough to understand his failings.

Sorry, but being aware that you’re a complete asshole doesn’t excuse being a complete asshole.

Be better.

Cloister, on the other hand, I still adore.

It was always easier to get angry on someone else’s behalf.

We’d lost her trail in the rain, but then we heard her scream. If I’d gotten here a bit quicker, maybe….” It was we for everything except the blame.

(T)his was Cloister, and he took what he was given. The idea that he should, that he could ask for more seemed never to have occurred to him. Although that had worked in Javi’s favor, it only made it worse.

I just want to tell Cloister, “come ON, there are better people there–people who will treat you better,” and the fact that Javi isn’t completely irredeemable makes it worse. Javi does the right thing–in the end–and Javi really does care about justice. He’s just such an ASS most of the time.

I enjoyed the mystery, even the second time through, and I really like the supporting cast–especially Tancredi and Bon, and even the captain, who also could stand to be better, but at least he’s trying.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Rating: 7.5/10

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