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Lady Mechanika Vol 03: The Lost Boys of West Abbey

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Lady Mechanika Vol 03: The Lost Boys of West Abbey (2017) Marcia Chen, Joe Benitez, Peter Steigerwald, Marcia Chen

Lady Mechanicka: The Lost Boys of West AbbeyWhen she learns of the murders of young orphan boys in a strange warehouse found mechanical toys, Lady Mechanika decides to investigate, in case this is related to her own (forgotten past).

This volume was extremely dark (with the murder of young boys) and Machanika’s own flashes of memory of her own past.

The Lost Boys of West Abbey

We don’t actually see her flashback of having her limbs removed, but it’s quite clear from the scenes you do get, that someone has done just that.

Which is horrifying. So be aware of that.

But the story is mostly solving the mystery of who is killing these boys–and why.

And in the search Lady Machanika and Mr Lewis meet a police inspector also interested in the crime–and who is unhappy his superiors went to ignore the murders, since they are only of orphans.

I also want to mention this bit, which delighted me.

The Lost Boys of West Abbey 2

Bonk, indeed!

Publisher: Benitez Productions
Rating: 7.5/10

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