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The Heiress Effect

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Heiress Effect (2013) Courtney Milan (Brothers Sinister)

The Heiress EffectSet in England in 1867.

Miss Jane Fairfield has just one goal–to not get married until her sister comes of age.

So far, she’s succeeded.

Poor Miss Fairfield. She had the opposite of conversation, the opposite of taste. They were going to rip her to shreds, and Oliver was going to have to watch.

Oliver Marshall wants to change the world. What he doesn’t realize is that the world has changed him instead.

Three times doing a thing will change a man’s character.

It’s a good story, but I fully admit that Jane’s sister, Emily, had a story I liked better, because Emily saves herself.

And because of this line:

Fairfield shrunk away from the anger in Anjan’s voice. “I meant well,” he whispered.

Anjan leaned forward across the desk until he was an inch away from the other man. “Mean better.”

It’s fun, but really I read it so I can read the next book.
Rating: 8/10

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