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Dead Heat

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dead Heat (2015) Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega)

Dead HeatThe Fae may have retreated to their reservations after the events of the past book, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t letting out monsters to show the humans just how much the Fae were keeping from humans.

His glamour fell away, the illusion that truly represented the lord he had once been. But as his magic had twisted and fouled, so had his true form twisted and fouled over the years. He waited for her to recoil; he was not good to look upon, but she smiled.

Things have been relatively calm for Charles and Anna, so they manage to take a vacation to Arizona to visit Joseph–and man with whom Charles has been friends for decades, who is now dying.

One of the interesting things about this story is that it focuses upon one of the major down sides of living forever: that as the years pass, those who you come to love who are not also immortal will eventually die.

Good-bye tears your heart out and leaves it a feast for carrion birds who happen by.

This book has both teenagers and young children, and I do love what a good job she does with those children.

“Shut your piehole, punk kid,” Max said, thumping her on the head with the palm of his hand.

“I’m telling Mama you said ‘Shut your piehole,’” Michael said. “‘ Shut your piehole’ is a bad word.”

“‘ Shut your piehole’ is three words, Michael,” said Mackie.

Undaunted, Michael said, “I’m telling Mama you used three bad words.”

We also get Leslie from the previous book (YAY!) as well as two CANTRIP agents who are much MUCH better than the agents they had to meet in the previous.

Marsden put himself between them and his partner. Anna didn’t think it was a conscious move. But he positioned himself in such a way to let them all know that anyone who wanted to take a potshot at his partner would have to go through Marsden to do it.

This story is definitely not going to be for everyone, as there is danger to young kids throughout the book. We don’t see the kids getting hurt, but the threat and danger are there, and they do find the bodies of children that had died years before.

Oh, there is a TON of horse stuff in here, which all went over my head, but I didn’t mind it at all.

Publisher : Ace
Rating: 8.5/10

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