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Hellboy Vol 9: The Wild Hunt

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hellboy Vol 9: The Wild Hunt (2010) Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo

All those Hellboy stories–the ones in the story collections where there wasn’t necessarily a theme for the entire volume? Suddenly, everything is starting to come together.

Hellboy has spent quite awhile hiding from his supposed destiny. He doesn’t want to rule the world. He doesn’t want to be a source of evil. He just wants to live as normal a life as is possible for a giant red half-human demon.

But no one wants to let Hellboy rest. Some want to put him on a throne, others want revenge. No one wants to let him sit and relax and be himself.

And then there’s the title, The Wild Hunt. For someone like my who lives mythology and folklore, the Wild Hunt is a fascinating subject. It appears in different places and times, and has been used by other authors. Right now, the Wild Hunt wants Hellboy’s help. There are giants loose, and giants are nothing but trouble. If they aren’t eradicated, things will not go well for the humans who come across them.

There are also a LOT of major plot twists and turns and changes in this story. As I said, lots of things are suddenly tied together, and it looks as if Hellboy is no longer going to be able to sit on the sidelines–action or inaction, no matter what he does, there will be consequences. He has a destiny, whether he wants it or not.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Dark Horse

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