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Gunmetal Magic

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gunmetal Magic (2012) Ilona Andrews

This book is set in Kate’s world, and Kate (of course) make appearances, but this is the story of Andrea and Raphael. Andrea has been outed as a shapeshifter and forced out the Order, which has been her entire life. As a shapeshifter she is required by Pack Laws to join the local Bouda Clan, but she has been in hiding for so long, and was treated so badly by her first clan, she has staunchly refused to publicly out herself.

Rahpael is the son of Aunt B, the alpha of Clan Bouda, and the (according to Andrea) spoiled prince of the clan. He and Andrea mated, but circumstances (which occurred in one of the Kate Daniels books) separated them, and they haven’t spoken since.

Things don’t go well from there.

I really enjoyed this–Andrea has always been one of the central characters in the Kate books, and I enjoyed spending time with her. I also think that her story needed to be told on its own, from her point of view–it was too complex to be a sideline of a Kate story, or even a short story or novella. (There are several excellent short stories out there, and most of them are available as downloads. Go get them and read them.)

I also loved the cover. I have generally hated the covers in the Kate Daniels books, but I think this cover was perfect.
Rating: 8.5/10

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