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Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand

Friday, March 10, 2017

Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand (2009) Carrie Vaughn

Kitty and Ben are getting married, but to make things simpler, they decided to run off to Vegas to do so, and KNOB manages to make it a work trip for Kitty, with a live televised show in Vegas.

Which resolves some of the issues Kitty and Ben were having with the planning.

“It’s a racket. What if we got my friend Joe to do it? He’s pretty good with a camera.”

“Isn’t he the one who’s the crime-scene photographer for the Denver PD?”


I shook my head. My wedding was not going to be a crime scene. Not if I could help it.

Although there are bits of this book that I do like, such as this bit about last names…

Shaun’s grin seemed amused. To me he said, “Are you changing your last name?”

“Please. That’s so last century,” I said.

“What’s wrong with O’Farrell?” Ben said.

I glared. “Kitty O’Farrell? That’s not a name, that’s a character in a bawdy Irish ballad.”

…this is not one of my favorite books in the series.

For one, the plot seems all over the place, what with the vampires AND the magician (who is one of the characters I especially like from this series mind you) AND then wedding AND the werecat sacrificial cult AND the poker tournament AND the gun show and assassins. As I said, all over the place. Plus no one seems able to answer a straight question, which sometimes makes sense in context, but here? Not so much.

PLUS, it had one of those endings that ticked me off, with a huge PLOT DROP in the Epilogue.

Sorry, but I HATE things like that.

But to end on a more positive note:

“There’s a lot we can learn from the ancients. In some ways, those were better times.”

“I don’t know, I sort of like modern medicine, TV, women being able to own property and vote. All the modern conveniences.”

Yup, that’s how I feel about it too.
Rating: 6/10

Published by Grand Central Publishing

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