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Magic Rises

Monday, March 20, 2017

Magic Rises (2013) Ilona Andrews

This is book six of the Kate Daniels series. If you have not read the previous books, you are almost certainly going to be confused.

Andrea is now beta of the Bouda clan, Curran knows about Kate’s background (as do more and more people), Hugh makes an appearance, and Aunt B continues to make her presence known.

Curran is asked to come to Europe (Georgia, more specifically) to take on a job of mediation and bodyguarding a pregnant shape-shifter.

Needless to say, bad things happen. A lot of bad things.

Not to say that there isn’t levity.

“A young djigit stopped by my room,” I said. “His name is Volodja and for three thousand dollars he will walk me deep into the mountains and show me where the bad shapeshifters live.”

“How fortunate.” Aunt B’s eyes lit up. “Would you like some company for this wonderful trap, I mean, adventure?”

But bad things do happen. I actually don’t have a problem with the bad things happening, since it’s kinda ridiculous how Kate and Curran keep walking away from their adventures, and how how few of their friends die.

But, don’t even try to read this if you haven’t read the previous books, including Andrea’s book. And read the “bonus” short story in the back first.

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