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Fate’s Edge

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fate’s Edge (2011) Ilona Andrews

On re-reading, this one I greatly preferred to the second book. First, although the main story is between Audrey and Kaldar (and Kaldar is a rogue, so of course I love him), they end up dealing with Gaston, and more interestingly Jack and George, and spending time with those two boys was lovely, since they are most definitely teen boys, and it was fascinating to see how they were dealing with living in the Weird.

And Kaldar.

“ATMs . . .”

“What are those?” Jack asked.

“Small automated banks that give out money.”

“Why doesn’t anyone steal the banks?” Jack asked.

“They are very, very heavy.”

Jack grinned. “You tried?”

“Yes, and I don’t recommend it. You need a sturdy truck with a wheelchair lift and a dolly. A rental truck with a ramp is good, too. And that’s if said ATM isn’t bolted to the ground.”

“How did you know the Hand would be coming?”

“I didn’t know,” Kaldar said. “I suspected.”

Oh, please. “I don’t believe you. You lie all the time.”

“No, I don’t.”

“You kind of do,” George murmured.

But mostly I love how Jack and George did not get a fairy tale ending when the moved to the weird. Yes, things are materially better for them, but socially they’re little better off than they were in the Edge and the Broken.

She caught the faint hint of disapproval in his tone. “So that’s what Jack thinks. What do you think?”

George grimaced. “Jack is spoiled. Things are hard for him, but he isn’t the only one who doesn’t have it easy. He gets away with crazy things because he’s a changeling and he’s different. Jack could behave better, but he stopped trying. He decided that he’s worthless and that nothing he could do would make any difference.”

Yes, this book is a romance, but the romance was the least interesting part. I was fascinated by Audrey’s history.

back. “So the two of you did strike a bargain. He got forty thousand dollars. What did you get?”

“I got to never see my family again.”

Kaldar frowned. “Come again?”

“I got to be cut off. Left in peace. I want nothing to do with them or with their stupid schemes. I don’t have parents, and they don’t have a daughter. That was my condition.”

Kaldar reeled back a little. She could almost feel gears turning behind that pretty face. “I’ve met your brother. If anyone should be cast off, it should be him.”

“That’s not how it works in our family. He is the heir, the pride and joy, who carries on the family name. I’m his younger sister.”

So, the romance? Whatever, but the story it self I really enjoyed.
Rating: 8.5/10

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