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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

The Books of November 2021

Murder Most ActualI read some good books this month! And even some new releases!

Anna Lee Huber‘s newest Verity Kent book, was Murder Most Fair was (in my opinion) actually better than the previous several books in that series.

I’ve always liked her Lady Darby series better, but this book dealt with some of the nits I picked with previous books.

Alexis Hall has written a mystery, Murder Most Actual which is (among other things) a tribute to Clue. Although the couple in the midst of the murder mystery are married, they are at a point where they are having trouble with their marriage, and trying to decide if they should work things out or not.

Plus, it’s Alexis Hall, so what’s not to love?

I also came across the Bradfield Trilogy by A.L. Lester, which I enjoyed, even if I had some quibbles with the first book. It’s an historical paranormal mystery set just after WWI, and reading it I learned about he Scottish Women’s Hospital at Royaumont and the women doctors who served in WWI.

I also had some comfort rereads but I feel like I read more new and new-to-me books than I have in ages.


Dead Dead GirlsMystery

Murder Most Fair (2021) Anna Lee Huber (Verity Kent) 8.5/10
Murder Most Actual (2021) Alexis Hall 8/10
Pickled Petunia (2021) Dahlia Donovan (Motts Cold Case Mystery) 7.5/10
Dead Dead Girls (2021) Nekesa Afia (Harlem Renaissance Mystery) 7/10
The Murder Next Door (2021) Sarah Bell 5/10



Galaxies and Oceans (2018) N.R. Walker 9/10
Rend (2018) Roan Parrish (Riven) 9/10
Sweetest in the Gale (2020) Olivia Dade (There’s Something About Marysburg) 8/10
Learned Behaviors (2020) Jayce Ellis (Higher Education) 7/10
A Lady’s Guide to Mischief and Mayhem (2020) Manda Collins (A Lady’s Guide) 6/10

Sweetest in the GaleFantasy

Shadow Police by Paul Cornell : London Falling (2012) 8.5/10; The Severed Streets (2014) 9/10; Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? (2016) 8.5/10
Discworld Terry Pratchett: Thud! (2005) 8.5/10 ; Making Money (2007) 8/10
Bradfield Trilogy by A.L. Lester : The Fog of War (2021) 7.5/10; The Quid Pro Quo (2021) 8/10
Faces (2021) A.M. Rose 7.5/10
The Silver Mark (2019) Sarah Painter (Crow Investigations) 6/10

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