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The Silver Mark

Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Silver Mark (2019) Sarah Painter (Crow Investigations)

The Silver MarkThis is the second book in the Crow Investigations series.

Lydia is still trying to make a living as a private investigator, but right now is still only doing so because her uncle (head of the Crow family) lets her use the space above one of his businesses as her apartment / office. Jason, the ghost in her apartment, is continuing to get stronger and move more objects, and her father’s health seems to deteriorate when she spends time with him.

Also, the only cases she is getting are cheating spouse investigations, and she’s trying to pull back on her relationship with DCI Fleet, but wanting to know more about a murder has them spending more time together.

I read the first book almost two years ago and it was… fine. I put the second book on my wishlist and there it sat. I finally decided to get and read the second book, and, although it didn’t pull me in immediately it wasn’t bad.

Then I got the cliffhanger ending and decided I’m done.

There were bits that I liked, but most of them were tangential to the main story.

Lydia searched Yas’s friends on Facebook and sent a few friend requests. It only took one of them to let Lydia in and she would have access to Yas’s full timeline.

‘I would apologise,’ Alejandro said. And then he didn’t.  

Well, that was honest, at least.

So, of all the different plot points I mentioned above, the only one that is solved is the murder–that she wasn’t even hired to investigate. All the other mysteries were ramped up and then left unfinished, and then a new element is dumped in the final pages.

So, I’m bowing out.

Publisher: Siskin Press Ltd
Rating: 6/10

Categories: British, eBook, Fantasy, Female, Mystery, Supernatural
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