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The Quid Pro Quo

Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Quid Pro Quo (2021) A.L. Lester (Bradfield Trilogy)

The Quid Pro QuoSet in England in 1920

Walter met Sylvia when they were both working at the same hospital at Royaumont.

They only got the worst cases here now… had done for a while, since the brass had worked out that the lady doctors had a better surgical survival rate.

Now they are living in the village where Sylvia grew up, Walter working as Sylvia’s nurse. But when a woman ends up dead in a pond–and no one quite sure how or why she died, an inspector is sent down to investigate.

Detective Simon Frost isn’t expecting to be sent to Bradfield to look into an unexpected death, but at least his has a driver to take some of the strain off his leg, which still gives him pain after all this time.

He sometimes wondered if there was anything still left in there. He should probably get it looked at. X-rayed, they called it, didn’t they?

Simon doesn’t expect to spend much time in Bradford, but someone accuses Dr Mark’s companion, Lucy, of killing the women found in the pond, and that brings him back–and puts him in closer proximity with Walter.

Walter is definitely on the ace spectrum–which perhaps made it easier for him to keep his secrets–but it doesn’t necessarily make things easier for him in any other way.

No, it was the person, for Walter, he’d discovered that a long time ago. It didn’t matter much what wrapping they came in, tall, short, breasts, cock, whatever. He fell for someone and then he wanted to bed them.

I thought this book was a bit better than the first, mostly because it didn’t have the strange inconsistency that bothered me about Sylvia in the first story. Another enjoyable story, and I look forward to the next book.

Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Rating: 8/10


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