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Paths Not Taken, Audio Edition

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Paths Not Taken, Audio Edition (2005/2008) Simon R. Green narrated by Marc Vietor

The fifth Nightside book finds John looking to go back in time for a way to stop his mother–the Being Lilith–from destroying the Nightside and possibly the world.

John takes with him Suzie Shooter and Tommy Oblivion in the hopes that their skills and gifts will allow them to go back in time and return to their own time.

This is an extremely dark story, although I find that I don’t find John Taylor nearly as awful as I did the first time I read this. He behaves as he always does, although it’s not entirely clear that he’s working for the Nightside or for himself.

This book also contains one of my favorite passages of all the Nightside books.

Next door to the brothel was a dark and spooky little shop selling reliquaries–the bones of saints, fragments of the True Cross, and the like. Special offer that week was apparently the skull of John the Baptist. Next to it was a smaller skull, labelled JOHN THE BAPTIST AS A CHILD.

That’s one of the few light passages in this story, but it’s still a story you have to read.

As I’ve said before I like the narrator for this series. He doesn’t do different voices extremely well, but he makes the different voices clear, which is what is particularly important with an audio book.

Publisher: Audible Studios
Rating: 7/10


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