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Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth, Audio Edition

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth, Audio Edition (2006/2008) Simon R. Green narrated by Marc Vietor

This is the 6th book of the Nightside series, and closes a major story arc–John Taylor knows who his mother is, and the battle between them has come to Nightside. Now all John has to do is defeat his mother without bringing about the destruction of the entire world.

It’s a pretty dark story, and lots of bad things happen, but there are the occasional amusing bits.

“You here to cause trouble?” (the enforcer) said, in a voice so deep he must have had a third testicle tucked away in there somewhere.

“Almost certainly,” I said.

“Right, lads! said the enforcer, glancing back over his shoulder to address the rest of the street. “Pick up your feet, we are out of here. This is Dead Boy and John bloody Taylor, and we are not being paid nearly enough to take on the likes of them. Everybody round to Greasy Joan’s cafe, where we will wait out whatever appalling things are about to happen.”

I think that after John, Dead Boy might be my favorite character in the Nightside. It’s not that Suzie Shooter isn’t great, but I just like Dead Boy a little more.

And I like Dead Boy a lot more than I like Razor Eddie.

The narration remains good, but I’m now out of these audio books, so it’ll be awhile before I get to the next one, since they aren’t available from the library.

Publisher: Audible Studios
Rating: 9/10


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