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Damaged Goods

Monday, August 26, 2019

Damaged Goods (2018) Talia Hibbert

Laura Burne is married to an abusive bastard. So she’s left him, and planning to have her child on her own, to keep The Bump safe, and has returned to the place she felt safe and happy as a teenager: Beesley-On-Sea.

Samir Bianchi has remained where he grew up (even if his twin has joined the military and moved away) and after the timely death of his parents, bought the town’s cafe and is making a good life for himself, around people he can actually trust.

Samir is lovely.

“Just so you know,” Samir said, “I meant that in a good way. You know, like, well done! There’s a baby in there! Sharing your oxygen! You look great.”

She was pregnant, and pregnant people were like the Pope, right? You had to treat them with total respect, even in your own head, just in case God was watching.

No. Seriously. He is awesome. I adored him from the get-go.

Laura I was a little less sure of, because she was kinda terrible in A Girl Like Her, but she got better, and was trying every day to BE better, and I love me a good redemption arc.

Her brain was fuzzy. He pulled her onto her back, and she flopped over like a doll. Kept her eyes closed, too. Overwhelming despair was starting to fade, which allowed room for other emotions, like embarrassment, to creep in. But as long as she closed her eyes, and couldn’t see him, she could pretend that he couldn’t see her. Right? Wasn’t that how things worked?

Also, I have totally done that. If I don’t open my eyes, this isn’t happening, so I’m just going to remain still and perhaps no one will notice me.

This novella was lovely, and you should totally read it. Even if it does have boinking.

Publisher: Nixon House
Rating: 8/10


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