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Sympathy: MM Romance with a Hint of Magic

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sympathy: MM Romance with a Hint of Magic (2009) Jordan Castillo Price

This is a M/M romance short story.

Apparently, broken characters are my catnip.

It’s been two years since the accident. Anthony Potosi has had to learn to walk again, and to attempt to regain at least some of what that loss took from him. But one thing hasn’t change, and that’s his relationship with his brothers–the three of them own a landscaping company, and much of Anthony’s recovery has been focused on getting back to work.

Anthony is sent to Hook House–the supposed haunted house that was often the center of adventures with his brothers–and there he discovers his perfect man, even if he doesn’t understand what the perfect man might see in him.

The fact that this is a short story means that some of the thing that ended up being important to me appeared later than I was comfortable with. Initially, the teasing between the brothers feels more like bullying, because it isn’t quite clear how much his brothers love him, and how much they worry about him.

I knew why Chip worried about me. He was the one who’d had the special waterbed installed in what used to be his rec room. He was the one who’d found me pounding on that fucking ramp in a blind rage till I drove splinters into my knuckles. He’d even changed a bedpan or two.

That bit right there shifted the story for me. After reading that I knew his brothers loved him, and that the wordplay was just teasing, even if it did have an edge to it.

This wasn’t my perfect story, but it was a good story, and I did enjoy it.

Publisher: JCP Books
Rating: 7/10


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