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In Other Words… Murder

Friday, November 22, 2019

In Other Words… Murder (2018) Josh Lanyon

In Other Words MurderChirstopher and J.X are settling into domesticity. Christopher is still worried about all the things (his writing (lack-thereof), J.X. being younger and handsomer) but J.X. does keep bringing up marriage.

Christopher is also trying to come to terms with J.X.’s close family–including his nephew who often has sleep-over visits.

Gage and I eyed each other in complete understanding. He knew I did not want to attend this Halloween Horrorama any more than he wanted me there. He knew, as did I, we neither of us had any choice.

This domestic tranquility (of a sort) is broken when Christopher’s ex calls–because a body was found in the yard of the house Christopher just sold–and David accuses Christopher of killing his PA and burying his body in the yard for running off with David.

Except… if it wasn’t true, why would David be calling me? I hadn’t realized he even had my current contact info. I didn’t have his. Could not imagine any circumstances where I’d want to talk to him. Including the current one.

Then the problems keep piling on (because that’s how Christopher’s luck works).

We hadn’t met David before, but although I can understand why Christopher was eventually finished with him, I also saw how all Christopher’s insecurities let him stay with David through everything.

Also, David hasn’t changed his stripes at all.

Your point is?”

“We’re allowed to have goodbye-forever sex.”

“I’m sure we had it, we just didn’t notice it at the time.”

Oh, we also get Rachel again, who I do love even if she is ridiculous.

“Hold on. A year ago you told me the cozy was dead.”

“I didn’t say dead, Christopher. I said Cozy was suffering malaise.”

“I’m pretty sure you pronounced it dead.”

“Not at all. Cozy was in ICU. Cozy was receiving necessary medical attention. Happily, Cozy has survived and is on the mend.

It’s a fun story, and although there could be another book, it’s a good conclusion to the story arc started in the first book.

Publisher: JustJoshin Publishing, Inc.
Rating: 8/10

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