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Deadly Assessments

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Deadly Assessments (2018) Drew Hayes

Deadly AssessmentsThe fifth Fred the Vampire Accountant book finds Fred dealing with a challenge to his fitness to lead a clan–and as a vampire.

However, the vampire sent to evaluate Fred is not anything like he expected.

“That, in my view, is your fundamental problem,” Deborah continued. “You are kinder than you have the strength to be.”

But Fred also gets to learn far more about being a vampire than he has before–and has to learn to accept who is as a vampire, instead of just sticking as close as he can to his humanity.

It’s actually a really lovely thing, Fred’s long consideration of what he needs to know and how he needs to accept all the parts of his being a vampire–especially if he wants to protect the members of his clan.

Because (as the earlier books showed) Fred does care about his friends.

As the leader of his clan and a friend, it was my responsibility to keep an eye on Albert. So long as he was happy with his life’s new direction, I wouldn’t intervene. That was what mattered most. If ever that stopped being true, I needed to be ready to help guide him in a direction that would suit the man he was now, not the man I remembered my assistant being.

As always there are lots of fun bits.

Back before humans figured out it was toxic to them, they found ways to weave asbestos into all sort of things, clothing included. It’s rudimentary protection, but we kept working on it even after they shied away. I don’t think I own a single ensemble that doesn’t have asbestos as a component.

And how come other vampires don’t bother to think of that?!

This is SUCH a fan series!

And now I’m all caught up and can read the latest book!

Publisher: REUTS Publications, LLC.
Rating: 9/10

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