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The Fangs of Freelance

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Fangs of Freelance (2017) Drew Hayes

The Fangs of FreelanceThe fourth Fred the Vampire book.

My name is Fredrick Frankford Fletcher, and I am an accountant by trade. Also, I’m a vampire. Yes, I probably should have led with that second bit, but to be honest, the accountant part factors far more frequently into my daily life than does my status as an Undead American.

The Agency has finally processed Fred’s application to be a freelance accountant, and is now bringing him in for an interview and testing.

“Hold on, do you think I’ve been acting as the face of the company, only to shove the actual accounting onto someone else? How does that make sense, given my career in life? For that matter, who would choose me as the face of a company?” I gestured to myself for good measure.

Then, he gets sent out on jobs.

A polite knock on the door roused me from counting bullets, which is a chore that lends itself to taking any distraction possible.

Plus, Fred helps to evaluate the viability of an abandoned carnival for Richard, and meets Amy’s mentor who is concerned about a mage joining a vampire clan.

But mostly it’s just a lovely and fun series.

Instead, nothing happened.

I really like this series, and highly recommend it.

Publisher: REUTS Publications, LLC.
Rating: 8/10

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