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His Grandfather’s Watch

Sunday, May 17, 2020

His Grandfather’s Watch (2015) N.R. Walker

His Grandfathers WatchThis is a very sweet story, told in two parts.

The first part is Alex–a young man who works in his family’s antique store working with clocks and watches, falling for Callum Winters, who comes into the shop to try and learn more about a watch he inherited.

The second part of the story of the original owner of the watch, and the man who gave it to him.

I can tell you this much…” he looked directly at me, as I told him, “… whoever it was, this person with the initial B, who gave your grandfather this watch, must have loved him very much.”

There are difficult parts to this story. Callum’s grandmother–his only living relative–is in a home for dementia, and he has moved to be close to her in her final months. And when we get to the second story, we already know the outlines of what happens.

He marveled at how the human heart kept beating, even though it was surely broken. His lungs still took air, even though they burned. He wondered how the world still turned, when in fact, his world had just stood still.

Yet the sun still shone, life went on.

But it’s a very sweet story and I highly recommend it.

Publisher: BlueHeart Press
Rating: 7.5/10

Categories: 7.5/10, LGBT, Romance, Sexual Content, Short Story

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