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An Unsuitable Heir

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

An Unsuitable Heir (2017) K.J. Charles (Sins of the Cities)

An Unsuitable HeirSet in London, 29 November 1873 – January 1874

This book ends the Sins of the City series, and we finally learn who has been behind the murders, as well as why (although that had been pretty obvious).

Mark Braglewicz is looking for the heir to an earldom in the hopes to help protect his friends and see justice brought to a murderer.

What he didn’t expect was to fall for the heir–and all the complications that came with that.

Cross-dressing wasn’t to everyone’s taste, which probably explained Pen’s wary look. Mark had no problems with it. He knew a fair few men who dressed and talked and sometimes lived as women, and a fair few women who went the other way.

I do like Mark.

Gone back off home now to bring down the Empire, trzymajmy kciuki.” He tipped his glass.

“What was that?”

“Polish. Means ‘Let’s keep our fingers crossed.’ ?”

“Did you just drink to the fall of the British Empire?”

“I was brought up in bad ways.

Pen I had a little harder time with, except for his loyalty to his sister. That I got.

I also realized I’d misremembered the details at the end of the story; I remembered the general outlines but how they happened I’d gotten mixed up.

The other thing I really liked about this story was Tim, Clem’s cousin.

“Aren’t you happy to be home?” Pen asked.

“This isn’t my home,” Clem said. “I just grew up here.”

“It ought to be a happier house,” Tim said. “It is beautiful, really.”

Oh, there are a LOT of similar sounding names in this story: Pen, Clem, and Tim. Read carefully.

I quite enjoyed the solution to the mystery–and how the issues were resolved.

Publisher: Loveswept
Rating: 7.5/10

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