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A Fashionable Indulgence

Sunday, June 21, 2020

A Fashionable Indulgence (2015) KJ Charles (Society of Gentlemen)

A Fashionable IndulgenceSet in London in 1819.

Harry Vane has spent his life on the run. His parents were both radicals and they had to flee England after a riot broke out during one of his father’s speeches. After his parents died of cholera, he sneaked back into England and started working for bookseller and pamphlet writer Silas, who had been a friend of his parents and suffered after their escape.

Julius Norreys lives a life of fashion, sharing nothing except his body with his lovers, and very little of his mind with his friends. But when his friend Richard asks him to prepare his long lost cousin for London society he of course agrees.

“Blood will out.”

Julius tilted his head, acknowledging the sentiment rather than agreeing. In his view, Harry would be a success because of his modesty, his quick smile and eager pursuit of enjoyment, the sheer joy he took in his new life. None of those were characteristics of the well-bred people he knew.

What I find interesting is that to a modern reader, Harry’s willingness to flee his friends who want equality solely for money and comfort, is shocking. But we see how much of Harry’s life was spent in fear, and how he was shaped by his years scrounging for food and a place to sleep.

Julian seems foreign until we finally learn just why he has withdrawn his heart and affection from

Publisher: Loveswept

Categories: 8/10, British, Historical, LGBT, Reread, Romance, Sexual Content

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