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A Gentleman’s Position

Friday, August 14, 2020

A Gentleman’s Position (2016) K.J. Charles (Society of Gentlemen)

A Gentlemans PositionSet in London in 1820

It’s not that this is a bad story, it’s just that I really don’t care that much for Richard, so it’s difficult for me to care about him having a HEA. David Cyprian I do like, but I really don’t understand why he loves Richard so much.

Everything should be perfect for his lordship, always. That was what David did. It was what he was for.

Yes, Richard looks after his friends and family. Yes, David takes pride in his work. But, the power difference between the two of them is so very far, I just have a very hard time with it.

Yes, Richard understands that.

Keep your hands off the staff. It was as simple as that. There could be no justice where one party had all the power and the other risked his livelihood with refusal. Therefore, one did not even ask, because one could never be sure that a “yes” didn’t mask “because I must.”

But still.

And then there’s the way Richard treated Dominic.

“That was the worst period of my life; you gave me nothing but moral disapproval for lowering myself to associate with a man below my station.

I just… Ugh.

Which is aggravating, because there is so much about this story that is excellent: David and his mother.

“(S)he has always said that there is not a great deal of joy to be had in life, so we should snatch it when we can.”

“Is there anything you do not excel at?”

“Plenty. I just don’t do those things, and so nobody finds out.”

Richard’s acceptance and understanding of his brother.

Philip struggled with the written word as badly as any untaught rustic, and no amount of beating at Harrow had helped him acquire scholarship.

And Richard is demisexual / Gray Ace–which is why his relationship with Dominic failed so spectacularly. But I just have a difficult time linking him.

Publisher: Loveswept
Rating: 7/10


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