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Vincent’s Thanksgiving Date

Friday, August 14, 2020

Vincent’s Thanksgiving Date (2014) R. Cooper

Vincents Thanksgiving DateVincent has issues with anxiety, and it makes him avoid talking to people–even his super cute neighbor who works at the florist.

There was no easy way to explain being a grown man who was terrified of meaningless conversations and meeting new people. Saying small social embarrassments haunted him for years made him sound obsessive and weird. He was, but he didn’t want to his attractive neighbor to know it.

But when Vincent’s sister tells him she’ll be spending Thanksgiving with her in-laws, even though Vin is welcomed, he doesn’t want to go.

First, I really like his sister.

“I want to see you, you know that. The boys want to see you too. They think you’re the best because you let them watch Night of the Living Dead on Halloween— and thank you for that, by the way. Despite the nightmares, they both have zombie fever now.”

Vincent’s anxiety and lack of self-esteem made him blind to what was obvious to the reader was going on, but he wasn’t an idiot, so it was very sweet. And Cory turned out to have a very good reason for having a crush on Vincent, which I thought was the sweetest.

Cory’s relieved grin made him feel like a hero. “Bring them pie and you could show up with Republicans and they wouldn’t care.”

“That can’t be true.”

That cracked me up.

Also, although the words aren’t used, Vincent is demisexual, which is lovely AND there is no boinking!

It’s a lovely and sweet story.
Rating: 8/10

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