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And Everything Nice

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

And Everything Nice (2016) Ada Maria Soto

And Everything NiceThis in adorable romance about baking as a way of saying I love you. Or at least, I’m interested in you.

He held out the plate. He’d gone for his chocolate-chip cookies, always a good icebreaker. They weren’t too large, making them harder to justify refusing. He used the vanilla paste instead of extract for a richer flavor, refrigerated the dough for twenty-four hours to allow the flavors to meld, giving it undertones of caramel, dark-chocolate chips to balance the sweet, and baked them just before leaving for work so the chocolate was still semimelted.

This is such a fun story.

“Are those Pop Rocks on top of the bisexual cake?”



“Because it was three in the morning and I had Pop Rocks.”

And a delightful running gag about banana bread.

The banana bread was still warm in his hands as he walked down the row of cubicles. Suddenly Julia stepped out in front of him.

“No.” She pointed back the way he’d come. “Take it away.”


“No. I don’t care. I’m not sitting through another seminar on work-inappropriate conduct because of your banana bread.”

I love that.

Publisher : Ada Maria Soto
Rating: 8.5/10


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