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Kneading You

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Kneading You (2016) C.S. Poe (A Lancaster Story)

Kneading YouChristopher Hughes desperately needs a job, and when the position of small town librarian opens up, he leaps at the opportunity.

But the library is under threat, since a developer wants the land for a cell tower and shopping mall.

“This library is not cost-effective. It’s really that simple.”

“But it’s not about making money,” I declared. “It’s about having a safe and free place for people to come and learn! This town doesn’t even have a bookstore— you have to drive nearly twenty miles to the closest one, and then you have to buy the book! Libraries are here for those who can’t afford to make that purchase. For kids who need resources for school, or even— if we were able to purchase a computer or two, we’d have high-speed internet for those who need something better than dial-up. Libraries are crucial!”

So: librarian, handyman, and bread baking.

And sweet. Just what I needed.

Rating: 8.5/10


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