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Dine with Me

Friday, February 26, 2021

Dine with Me (2019) Layla Reyne

Dine with Me

DINE WITH ME— THE CULINARY EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME Tour the country and experience the best meals in America with a Michelin-starred chef as your guide. Two weeks, eight incredible meals, coast-to-coast destinations. A once in a lifetime opportunity for food and travel enthusiasts. Singles or couples welcome. Please respond via the reply email for additional details.

Still struggling, I remembered really enjoying this book, so decided to reread it.

Miller has to close his restaurant. Napa valley is just too competitive for even a Michelin Starred Chef to make it. So he’s going to do a farewell tour with one lucky guest. A guess who will have no idea that this truly is farewell for Miller.

Clancy Rhodes has finally finished his residency and is getting ready to start working in his father’s medical office. It isn’t his passion, but he believes he can do a lot of good work.

This story is about food the things that make life worth living. And there are long, passionate paragraphs about the food.

It truly was a great pairing, the dry wine wiping clean his palate so he could experience that first rich, silky taste of pasta and truffle over and over again.

The simple pleasures of fresh baked bread, homemade jam, and an exceptional cup of coffee.

There is boinking in this story, but it’s secondary to the passion both men feel for food.

It’s a melting pot of flavors— the spiciness of the rye, the sweetness of the vermouth, the herbal notes of the Bénédictine, the fermented fruits of the cognac, and the bite of the bitters.

It makes me wish I had a better palate–that I could eat anything and everything and wasn’t put off so much by strong flavors or ingredients.

(W)hen he tasted the chocolate soufflé with Earl Grey crème anglaise, it was beyond semi-orgasmic. Hell, beyond orgasmic. It was a night full of hot-sweaty-blow-your-mind-sex, in a baking ramekin and gravy boat. He eyed the latter, debating whether to turn it up and drink the remaining crème anglaise right from the boat.

Miller followed his gaze, accurately reading his intent. “I will think less of you.”

“I’m not sure I care right now.” The sauce was calling his name, loudly.

Also: I want that dessert.

This was the perfect story to settle my brain.

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 8.5/10


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