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Best Laid Plans

Monday, March 1, 2021

Best Laid Plans (2021) Roan Parrish (Garnet Run)

Best Laid PlansCharlie Matheson cares for people. It’s what he’s done since his parents died and he became guardian for his brother and took over the family business.

Rye Janssen has spent his time bouncing from place to place, never finding a home. So when he learns that his grandfather (who he never met) left him a house, he gets in his car and drives to Wyoming in the hopes of being able to start over.

Both Rye and Charlie have issues. However, both Rye and Charlie have worked to deal with their problems. Even if they still have work to do.

He looked at the situation and chose to acknowledge all the dimensions of it.

Dimensions (as he thought of them) weren’t positive or negative. They were simply the truth of how he felt about things.

He cut off his thought spiral and pictured windshield wipers clearing the troubling images from his mind.

This is (as expected) a lovely story. Like the first Garnet Run story, lower in angst than a typical Roan Parrish story, and with characters who actually talk to each other–even if it’s difficult at first. And more importantly, are patient with each other.

Couple of things to note. First, not that I dislike it, but this is a very strange cover for a MM romance.

Secondly, the publisher really fell down on the editing. I came across (and was thrown out of the story by) various typos and other such issues. Which is not what I was expecting the Carina imprint. Especially since I’ve read a lot of self-pubbed books with fewer copy editing errors.

But aside from that, it was lovely and happy and the mental hug I was needing.

Publisher : Carina Adores
Rating: 8.5/10


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