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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Tarot Sequence novellas & stories (2020) K. D. Edwards (The Tarot Sequence)

I was informed that there were Tarot Sequence short stories and novellas online.

After finishing The Hanged Man I immediately sought them out. Most of them can be found in the twitter thread I linked to above. There may be other stories, but this are the five I found.

The Sunken Mall
Scenes from Quarantine
“The Sanctum”
“The Ghost”
“The Playground”
“The Principality Ciaran”

That is timeline order–since I didn’t find the stories in order, I ended up reading them out of order. Which was perfectly fine.

The Sunken Mall and Scenes from Quarantine were novella length, though only The Sunken Mall was a true novella. The other four are short stories–holiday stories–set around solstice.

These are stories for those who have already read the Tarot Sequence books–I don’t think any of these would necessarily be a good introduction to the world–but they are a lot of fun.

Rating: 8/10


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