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The Mystery of the Bones

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Mystery of the Bones (2019) C.S. Poe (Snow & Winter)

The Mystery of the BonesSebastian is mostly recovered from the events of the previous book.

“Life isn’t all about money, Seb.”

“You can say that. You don’t have a hospital bill the length of a CVS receipt.”

Physically, if not financially, anyway. But he has sworn off mysteries. He finally recognized that his involvement was too difficult for Calvin, and exacerbated Cal’s PTSD. Unfortunately, someone has decided to force the issue.

Although Bad Things happen, Sebastian isn’t alone. He wasn’t in the previous books, but he’s learned to recognize that it’s not just his dad he can turn to for help. (Another part of his growth.)

Of course there is enjoyable banter.

“I was thinking of you.”

“In a positive light, I hope.”

“Professional context. But if you’d rather, I can imagine you stark naked.”

The distinct murmur of Quinn’s voice was much too close for this to have been a private phone call.

“I’m on speaker, aren’t I?” I concluded.

“Yup,” Calvin answered.

“Hi, Quinn,” I called.

“Sebastian,” she replied.

Although there are a selection of short stories coming out, this is supposed to be the final book in their story arc, and it is satisfying.

Publisher : Emporium Press
Rating: 8.5/10


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