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Wild Sign

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Wild Sign (2021) Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega)

Wild SignThe FBI has come calling on Charles & Anna. A group of people have disappeared, and the land they were living on in the northern California mountains belongs to Leah–Bran’s wife.

I read this in two sittings, so it’s (as expected) fast paced and drew me in immediately. And I continue to love Charles & Anna’s relationship and how they support each other.

I also enjoyed seeing more of Tag, who is a fun character.

Around Anna, Tag was either lazing around like an overly large cat or vibrating with enthusiasm. Around Anna, Tag kept the lethal berserker tidily out of sight— because around Anna, he could.

On first read, I do have some issues with the story. The actions of the Big Bad towards ANna reminded me very much of something that had happened to Mercy in one of her earlier books, and I almost stopped reading for fear of where the story was going. I kept reading, but I really disliked that portion of the story, and it’s long term affects on Anna.

I’m not sure how I feel about Leah in this story–mostly her actions and Bran’s long-term actions towards her. I’m also trying to decide if what happens here contradicts Leah in previous books. Mercy is a bit of an unreliable narrator regarding Leah so I can discount Mercy’s thoughts. But I’m not positive this doesn’t contradict some of her actions in this series.

I also felt like there were parallels to another Mercy book, in how the ultimate Big Bad was presented. Which was just odd. Not bad per se, but, disconcerting.

Also, there was almost no Asil in this story, which always makes an Alpha & Omega book just a little less enjoyable for me.

We’ll see if my opinion of this book changes over time.

Publisher : Ace
Rating: 6/10

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