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The Solstice Countdown

Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Solstice Countdown (2021) Lisa Shearin (SPI Files)

The Solstice CountdownMac and Rake are heading to North Carolina to spend Christmas with Mac’s family. Unfortunately, it looks like the cabal that wants to take out the SPI seers has followed Mac and is still trying to take her out.

As with the previous book, the best parts are Mac’s voice.

(M)y sudden maneuver turned the Jeep from a four-wheeled vehicle into a Tilt-A-Whirl fair ride. I’d hated those things as a kid and having my Jeep acting like one did nothing to change my opinion. Not to mention, it was embarrassing for me as a Jeep owner. I was shaming my people.

And the area she lives feels like the south.

(T)he Jeep became completely encased in fog. The headlights reflected back at us, and I had to slow to a crawl. I knew which way the road was supposed to go, but it would be all too easy to misjudge exactly where the road was. In most places, we’d be stopped by trees. In others, it’d be a freefall off the side of the mountain.

Rural roads and towns in the Appalachian mountains have a certain feel, and this story does capture it.

Throughout the series is has remained sensible, but also very much a southern gal–self-reliant and fond of sweet tea. But most importantly she knows her limits.

However, the story didn’t feel as strong as earlier entries. Possibly because I may prefer to problems coming to Mac as part of her work, rather than problems following Mac around.

But it was still fun and I will keep enjoying the story.

Publisher : Murwood Media LLC
Rating: 7/10


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