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Work for It

Friday, April 30, 2021

Work for It (2019) Talia Hibbert (Just for Him)

Work for It

“Everyone said he was handsome, but this is just silly.”

“He’s staring a hole into you, Griff. No, don’t look, you donkey. Trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong?”

I finally take my shot and fluff it. “Year 2, you told me to pick up that stinging nettle—”

“I thought it was a flower,” Rebecca interrupts. “Don’t be petty.”

“Year 3, you convinced me to nab you a jam tart off your nana’s counter, and we both got—”

I suppose that’s what comes of purposefully avoiding everyone you love. But I had to— have to— stay away from them, at least until I’m not so miserable, so distant, such a burden. Don’t I?

I keep having thoughts I didn’t authorise.

Publisher : Nixon House


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