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The Unknown Ajax

Friday, April 30, 2021

The Unknown Ajax (1959) Georgette Heyer

The Unknown AjaxSet in England in 1817

Lord Darracott’s eldest son has died, and now he (and the family) must accept the Major Hugo Darracott, son of Lord Darracott’s next oldest son, who none of met because Hugo’s father was in disgrace.

I collect that the weaver’s son is the offspring of the uncle we are never permitted to mention?

Anthea Darracott, her mother, and her brother Richmond live on her grandfather’s sufferance, depending upon him for everything. He may spoil Richmond, but he also keeps the young man tightly under his thumb.

‘Does it ever occur to you, Mama, that my grandfather is a lunatic?’

‘Frequently!’ Mrs Darracott assured her. ‘That is – oh, dear, what am I saying? Of course not! Perhaps he is a trifle eccentric!’

‘Eccentric! He’s a mediæval bedlamite!’ said Anthea, not mincing matters. ‘Upon my word, this is beyond everything!’

And the other grandchildren are no more delighted by Hugo’s arrival than their grandfather, and want perhaps to consolidate their positions.

‘If I thought that, my love, I should feel constrained to marry you myself.’

‘Is that a declaration?’ she demanded.

‘Certainly not! I don’t think it.’

‘I wish it had been!’ she said longingly. ‘How unhandsome of you! When you know how few pleasures come in my way, you might have granted me the indulgence of refusing you!’

He laughed, but said, a certain gleam in his eyes: ‘I wonder if you would?’

She met his look without a trace of embarrassment, a good deal of amusement in her face. ‘Dear Vincent, with enthusiasm! You must never marry. Don’t, I do earnestly beg of you, allow yourself to be taken in by any lure thrown out to you! You cannot hope to find a lady who will like you better than you like yourself.’

Publisher : Sourcebooks Casablanca
Rating: 6/10

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