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Play It Again

Friday, May 28, 2021

Play It Again (2019) Aidan Wayne

Play It Again

Dovid had been a pretty typical child. Just that, thanks to medulloepithelioma— a type of incredibly invasive cancer— he grew up missing two parts a typical child possessed, after they were removed in order to get rid of the cancer entirely.

But he kept bumping into chairs. The tables were very close together, and it was hard to navigate with a cane. And a wheelchair certainly would have an even harder time. Bernice was walking pretty fast too. Dovid found himself trying to hurry up to follow her, and he actually bumped into a chair— with someone sitting on it.

Then again, with his job being IT, there were often good reasons he came home having exhausted his social-skill quota for the day and was only up to playing some games or reading a book before crashing. Books and video games also didn’t yell at you, or snidely act as though you were a waste of space.

Sam sighed. That all came with the job description of dealing with frustrated and angry customers. He didn’t mind doing the actual computer work, but talking on the phone gave him enough anxiety as it was. Never knowing whether a call might turn nasty made him dread it every time he was given a ring.

Sam had begun to start making sure any new books he chose to read had audio versions out.

They were using an awful lot of emoticons with each other. Were they flirting? Was this flirting?

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 8.5/10


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