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Kilts & Kraken

Friday, June 11, 2021

Kilts & Kraken (2012) Cindy Spencer Pape (Gaslight Chronicles)

Kilts and KrakenSet in Scotland in 1858

Dr. Geneva MacKay has worked hard to become a physician, but will still occasionally help out her father, who believed in her and helped her reach her dreams.

Magnus, Baron Findlay is the Laird of Torkholm Island, and tied intimately to the land, to provide protection for the island and the people. But when he is gravely injured by a kraken and found on the island of Mull, it it doesn’t seem likely he’ll survive, until a doctor is sent for Edinburgh to try and help him.

It’s a fun little distraction, but neither sequel is as enjoyable as the first story.

Publisher : Carina Press
Rating: 7/10

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