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Out of House and Home

Monday, July 12, 2021

Out of House and Home (2021) Drew Hayes (Fred the Vampire Accountant)

Out of House and HomeFred & Krystal are married. And although Krystal is paying for actions she took with a lot of cases that take her away for weeks at a time, they are still happy.

Much as I strive for transparency in these accounts, I’m afraid there will be no record of those next few hours, time that Krystal and I took for ourselves as a newly married couple.

Until someone decides to try and burn them out–destroying not just their home, but threatening the life of Charlotte.

Fred is–as always–a delight.

As someone who might be on this planet for hundreds of years to come, being eco-conscious seemed the only logical choice.

But there are a lot of other interesting and delightful bits, such the visit to the mall Gideon is debating rehabbing or selling.

Wasting no time, I spurred my frog onward, zooming toward Octavio at speeds that frankly made me a bit uncomfortable.

And I was fascinated by the choices Charlotte was given after her displacement, in a way I didn’t expect to be.

“…I called you here to discuss the employment of Charlotte Manor.”

The fake excuse took me a bit off guard. “Wait, what would we have to discuss? Is there an issue?”

“Only that her talents have been criminally underutilized. Charlotte has proven to not only be an incomparable assistant, she’s been a great aid to Richard and Sally, not to mention a source of joy. I would happily offer her a permanent position in my employ; however, she is a member of the House of Fred, and therefore, I would need your permission.”

Plus there are the little bits of life that get thrown in.

“My apologies for the presumption. I knew this only as Deborah’s number.”

“It is, but no one picks up their damn phones anymore unless they know the number.”

As expected, this was another great addition to the series.
Rating: 8/10


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