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Mischief: A Daydream, Colorado Short Story

Monday, August 9, 2021

Mischief: A Daydream, Colorado Short Story (2021) A.M. Rose

Mischief A Daydream, Colorado Short StoryDylan loves running the pizza parlor, almost as much as he loves his rescue dog, Buck.

Dylan pulled up outside the familiar house and barely had time to get his helmet off and butt off the seat when he heard a thundering BARK! from inside.

A grin spread over Dylan’s face as the front door opened; a large, speckled blur bounding toward him in the evening light.

Jamie has taken a job in Daydream, and although he misses his best friend, he is looking forward to settling into a new place. But he does not expect his dinner to be delivered by a dog.

“Oh,” Jamie said, finally focused enough to realize the backpack and the pizza box had the same logo as the flier he had picked up. “Ooooooh!”

Things clicked into place. The place was called Pizza&Paws. He could see the pizza. And he could definitely see the paws. This dog delivered his pizza. The dog. Delivered. His pizza. Just because it clicked into place didn’t mean it made any sense. With shaking hands, he called over his wallet again, not remembering when he’d dropped it. He pulled out a few bills and looked at the dog.

“Is that why you broke into my place? I was gonna pay you, you know,” he said, waving the money. The dog nudged a small plastic envelope attached to the strap of his backpack toward Jamie. He placed the money in the little pouch and went to take the pizza out of the backpack.

I loved the idea of the magical dog, and I liked the glimpses of how the town worked and was hoping for more of just how the magic worked, but not a lot of that.

It was cute, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other stories.
Rating: 7/10


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