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One Bed for Christmas

Friday, August 20, 2021

One Bed for Christmas (2018) Jackie Lau (Baldwin Village)

One Bed for ChristmasWes Chang has been in love with Caitlin Ng since she almost knocked him unconscious with a door their freshman year in college.

But Caitlin is a successful CEO and Wes… Wes is now living a life that makes him happy, but he is a disappointment to his family and thus in no way good enough for Caitlin.

Even if he still loves her.

I figured I finally needed to make an effort to get over Caitlin, after more than twelve years of being pathetically in love with her. I want to stay friends, but I thought a little time apart would do me good.

What I really liked about this book was the T-Rex costume.

(F)our elderly men walk onto the make-shift stage and start singing “Silent Night” acappella.

Okay, I’m confused. What does Wes have to do with a barbershop quartet?

Laughter ripples through the room. The T-Rex is making his way onto the stage, wearing a poinsettia garland around his neck. He turns around, his back to the audience, and shakes his tail, and there’s even more laughter, but all the singers keep a straight face.

None of this makes any sense whatsoever.

I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

That is such a delightful premise! How can you not adore a guy with a side hustle as a T-Rex for a barbershop quartet?

And I really adored the bits with the barbershop quartet.

This is followed by a five-minute conversation about erections and aging, which I can’t say I needed, but I’m not cringing near as much as Bernie’s son, who finally cuts Bernie off by shouting, “I don’t need to learn about my father’s sex life!”

“Okay, okay,” Bernie says. “Between the five of us, we have over four hundred years of life experience.”

What did not work for me was (of course) all the sex. I wanted more dinosaur costume and baking and Christmas decorations. And being me, I was kinda horrified by Wes thinking they could have sex and it wouldn’t wreck him.

For once I didn’t dislike the Big Misunderstanding, because it was quickly resolved, and it actually made sense for Wes to believe he wasn’t good enough for Caitlin.

Publisher: Jackie Lau Books
Rating: 6/10


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