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American Dreamer

Friday, September 3, 2021

American Dreamer (2019) Adriana Herrera (Dreamers)

American DreamerThis is a reread, and as with the first time through, I really liked everything except the boinking.

Luckily, I could skim that–especially since this was a reread.

Otherwise, there is much to love about this story, especially the friendships.

“Oh my god, Jude Eugenio Maria Fuller! What did you say to him before you walked off? He was blushing and fanning himself!”

I laughed as Carmen and I hurried to the library with our lunch in hand. “Stop giving me random names in Spanish, Carmen! It’s weird!”

Also the family.

“Ernesto Amado Vasquez Maldonado,” she said in the voice she used when she was about to let me know all the ways in which I was a trifling loser.

From the couch I heard Milo whisper, “Oh shit, she used all four names. If she starts talking in syllables, we’re out of here.”

OK. Also the bits about books and libraries.

“The idea is to get books and other services from the library to children and teens who are out in the more rural parts of the county.”

Plus, lots and lots of descriptions of food that I have no way to eat.

Publisher: Carina Pres
Rating: 7/10


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