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Rogue Protocol, Audio Edition

Monday, September 6, 2021

Rogue Protocol, Audio Edition (2018) Martha Wells narrated by Kevin R. Free (Murderbot)

Rogue ProtocolMurderbot, Book 3

ART’s official designation was deep space research vessel. At various points in our relationship, ART had threatened to kill me, watched my favorite shows with me, given me a body configuration change, provided excellent tactical support, talked me into pretending to be an augmented human security consultant, saved my clients’ lives, and had cleaned up after me when I had to murder some humans. (They were bad humans.) I really missed ART.

The change in my configuration would fool scans but not another SecUnit, and any Unit that detected me would report it to their HubSystem immediately. I sure as hell would have reported me. Rogue SecUnits are fucking dangerous, trust me on that.)

I had to withdraw back to my dark cubicle. I was having an emotion again.

An angry one. Before Dr. Mensah bought me, I could count the number of times I sat on a human chair and it was never in front of clients.

Ah, Murderbot.

Publisher: Recorded Books
Rating: 8.5/10


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