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Any Old Diamonds

Friday, September 24, 2021

Any Old Diamonds (2019) KJ Charles (Lilywhite Boys)

any old diamondsSet in England in 1895.

Alex wants revenge upon his father and step-mother, and he is going to get it however he can. So he decides to seek out the Lilywhite Boys–some of the best jewel thieves in London.

Consider me the antithesis of a Romish priest. I take confession, I keep your silence, but instead of absolution I give you vengeance.

There is so much lovely dialog in this story.

“I think you should acknowledge (your worse impulses) exist, and then spend less time making yourself miserable about the fact that you’re imperfect.

“I’m not doing something good, only refraining from doing something bad.”

“Trust me, most people don’t refrain.”

But the story itself is marvelous. The father is even worse than you think, and it’s not from evilness, but just because he’s self-centered and selfish.

And it is your behaviour that has done this, Hartington: yours and Caroline’s and Alexander’s and Annabel’s, because you resented that I, left a widower in the prime of life after a highly unsatisfactory marriage, considered my own happiness. All of you should be ashamed. All of you owe me and, far more, the Duchess a humble apology.”

“I, uh, I’m Alexander, sir. Not Hartington. And Caroline is dead.”

That’s a pretty damned painful passage there.

But really, the best part of this story is the slow planning of the heist, and discovering all the things going on under the surface.

Publisher: KJC Books
Rating: 8.5/10


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