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The Rat-Catcher’s Daughter

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Rat-Catcher’s Daughter (2019) KJ Charles (Lilywhite Boys)

The Rat-Catchers DaughterSet in London in 1893.

Christiana is in trouble. She got into debt, then her debt was purchased by Kammy Grizzard, and she failed to follow through on what he wanted.

She is surprised when two strange men break into her dressing room before Bad Things start to happen, and rescue her.

“We said we’d exhaust our other options before resorting to tactics anyone would regret, didn’t we, Jerry?”

“We did.”

“I’m exhausted.”

“God, so am I.”

For those who read Any Old Diamonds, these are the events mentioned in that story, where Templeton and Jerry save Christiana for their friend Stan.

Miss Christiana would be sure he was some sort of exploitative swine— of course she would, with Temp cheerfully saying, I told her she didn’t have to fuck you as if anyone could hear a sentence like that without panicking.

But mostly it’s a sweet love story between two ace characters.

Kissing people gave them the wrong idea, and it was hard to enjoy touching anyone when you were constantly wondering where they’d stick their hands.

It’s lovely.

“Just because your dream isn’t like someone else’s dream, that doesn’t make it wrong,”

Publisher: KJC Books
Rating: 7.5/10


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