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The Unexpected Santa

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Unexpected Santa (2017) Dahlia Donovan (Sin Bin)

The Unexpected SantaThis story is is a glimpse of the start of the relationship between Scottie and Gray.

Scottie is a mess.

He’d never possessed the tools to deal with the chaos of emotions in his life. It always funnelled into anger. The rage burned in him.

Seriously, he is a disaster who doesn’t know how to be a decent human.

He wanted nothing more than to brawl with Gray. A few punches might make him feel better, or at least rid him of the sudden chaotic nature of his own thoughts.

He definitely doesn’t have a clue how to be an adult.

He poked his fork into one of the bricks of cereal. Where the fuck are my spoons? He mashed up the Weetabix, trying to soak up as much of the milk as possible before eating.

Mostly, this story exists to give us a glimpse into why Scottie is such a terrible person, before we jump into his story with both feet.

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Rating: 7/10

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