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The Lion Tamer

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Lion Tamer (2018) Dahlia Donovan (The Sin Bin)

The Lion TamerAs noted throughout the series, Scottie us a wreck, who is incapable of being a functioning adult.

Scottie sat up slowly and glanced around to find the scenery had changed quite significantly. “Why the fuck am I in a hospital bed?”

Taine placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him seated. “You passed out. I couldn’t wake you up. How much did you drink?”

Scottie ran his fingers vigorously across his head. “Not a clue. It’s all a blur. I honestly can’t remember. What happened?”

“You almost drank yourself into the grave,” Taine remarked bluntly.

Gray is a dom who recognizes that Scottie is a sub, but requires Scottie to come to him, despite the fact that he thinks that he can break Scottie to pieces and rebuild him into an adult. (Of a sort.)

But first, Scottie has to deal with his drinking.

“I also know you have to make the decision on your own and do it for yourself, or it won’t change anything.”

Then we discover that Scottie has family. Obviously he has family, but he has a half-brother who he actually cares about.

“Heard you graduated from the Imperial College with top honours.”

“You’d know since you sent Mum the money for it,” Silus teased.

Gray is part of this story, and has his moments.

Gray: Landed safely. Met your contact. Heading out.
Wyatt: You do know text messaging isn’t morse code. You can use complete sentences.
Gray: Fuck. Off.

But basically the story is Scottie’s journey to learning how to deal with his past, and accepting that being a sub doesn’t make him lesser. Which is a lot for anyone, really.

One of the things I like very much about this series is that it faces hard subjects unflinchingly. Scottie has a drinking problem, and he has to deal with all the issues that led to that before he can move past it.

The BDSM parts are really not for me, but Scottie’s arc from complete asshole to almost decent human being is what makes the story good.

Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Rating: 8.5/10


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